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  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2013

The 40-Day Challenge : Day 21

  • 18
  • Feb
  • 2013

“…to give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” So the child grew and became strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his manifestation to Israel. (Luke 1:79,80)
“… those who sit in darkness…”

Who is God talking about?

He’s talking about those who can’t even understand why they behave the way they do or take attitudes that they themselves condemn.

When a person is in darkness, he or she does not have strength to change their degrading condition. They are in darkness, without direction… without a hint of light.

The shadow of death suggests an evil force that pushes people to the abyss.

Right now, God is giving light to those who are sitting in darkness. Did you know that? He is revealing our mistakes to us.

God gives us light through His Word and His Spirit.

Let me tell you something: I am not demon-possessed, but there are many things that have not yet been revealed to me. There are things that I still don’t know how to deal with.

And many times, we feel frustrated because we don’t know what to do…

But the light of God shows the way to those to recognise that they need it. God gives us life when we look for it, when we desire it and when we recognise our dependence on Him.

I am not perfect! And I will be imperfect for as long as I live in this world.

Until the day my corruptible body is exchanged for a glorified body, I will need this light to show me the way all the time.

Usually, people associate “sitting in darkness” with “being demon-possessed”… but this not so. It can also refer to those who are in need of guidance, of direction, of light.

For example, sometimes we go through a situation that makes us feel sad and downcast, and we don’t know how to deal with it. At this moment, we need light in order to find the way out!

“So the child grew and became strong in spirit.”

In this verse, ‘spirit’ is related to our intellect, our ability to think. When we have a rational faith, we become strong in spirit; and so, when a problem arises, we immediately fight against it.

For example, whenever I have evil thoughts, I immediately say, “Jesus, I love you! Thank you for everything You have done for me.” I fight those evil thoughts and glorify God, and they go away.

The devil wants to accuse us and make us feel guilty, but when we react against him and glorify God with sincerity, we strengthen our spirit.

It was not God who made the child grow and become strong in spirit, but the child himself, when he fought the good fight in his mind, in his body and in his spirit…

“… and was in the deserts…”

He was just a boy…  child!

Did you get it? You can be a ‘child’ in the faith, but if you behave in a rational way and watch your feelings — “Why am I feeling like that? What’s the problem? I want to know where this feeling is coming from…” — you will overcome everything and strengthen your spirit!

John the Baptist grew in the desert. Likewise, you and I grow in the deserts of life, and not only when we read and meditate on the Word of God. We grow when we have to deal with problems and the unexpected.

“… till the day of his manifestation to Israel.”

Once again, we see the importance of knowing how to wait for the right time. Maybe you feel like sharing with everyone what God is revealing to you (I used to be like this), but you have to wait for the right time to do so. We should not be anxious.

Everything will happen in due course… naturally.

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5 comentários

  1. IT is true that we can overcome any situation if we fully trust the Lord whom can only save us. Being in a situation, will make us realize if we put into practice what we’ve been learning. We must not feel doubtful because it will distract us on trusting Him.
    Indeed, we just need to raise our hands if we need help on Him because He is already reaching us. That would make our salvation easier if we, ourselves, are willing.
    Thank you for this message Mrs Viviane. God bless you and your family:)

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  2. What a strong and powerful message Mrs Viviane. Being in darkness does not only mean that a person is demon possessed but also having no direction in life a person will be in darkness.Being in the desert its not only a moment for us to show out trust in God but its also a way for us to see how much we trust God.It is like a spiritual mirror for us to see who we are before God. Its a moment of being alone in fire and when we hold on we become blessed for the glory of the Lord.Lastly its always the right thing to wait on the Lord and never be anxious of anything because our time is not God,s time.

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  3. I need to seek the light of God in my whenever I face darkness in life, meaning when evil thoughts or evil desire. The kingdom of God will come to me to strengthen me to hold on in my Faith

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  4. This such a powerful message!!! Indeed when in darkness we must seek “the light”. When we go through problems it’s easy to try to use our own understanding or seek others opinion. But if we seek God then he can take us through any situation.
    I am learning to rebuke the anxiety and trust Gods direction.
    Thank you Mrs Viviane

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  5. wow This is strong what really stood out to me is what you wrote about being in darkness, being in darkness does not necessarily mean that you are demon posessed but that you need Gods direction and guidence in your life, like you said i am not perfect and will remain imperfect for the rest of my human life, I need to be humble enough to admit to God that I need His help and His guidence!

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