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  • 8
  • Feb
  • 2013

The 40-Day Challenge : Day 15

  • 8
  • Feb
  • 2013

“Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)
This verse says everything — to you who believe!

A person who says he or she believes is not indifferent to the truth about him or herself… They pursue their objectives and allow the Holy Spirit to do what needs to be done inside of them.

Those who believe give their lives completely and, every day, they put into practice everything they learn.

Many people have managed to achieve a few things in life because they’ve takes a few steps, but if there’s no persistence, it will be good for nothing. Nothing can be done through emotions.

But those who believe will bring into existence what has been promised.

Your blessing already exists! The only thing that delays it is doubt — what you ‘feel’.

Do you know what I do to solve this problem? I tell myself:

To feel is to sin!

Every time I am tempted to ‘feel’, I tell myself it is a ‘sin’. And so, I stop ‘feeling’ and start ‘believing’.

‘Easier said than done’, you must be thinking…

But whilst living in this world, we are prone to sinning, and our feelings make us weak and impede us to believe.

Believing has nothing to do with what we see; feeling, on the other hand, has to do with the five human senses…

My mother always taught me not to live by feelings. My feelings cannot control me. In this way, I am always watching myself, always vigilant…

Our feelings are like air balloons: they go up, and up, and up… We want to stop feeling, but we can’t!

So how can I control my feelings?

The only way is to reason!

We always think we’re doing our best, being sincere, and that we have the right to feel… We never think that we are wrong. Never.

And so, we continue to ‘feel’, and the balloon continues to go up…

You have to stop and say, “I will not feel anymore!”

If you take attitudes based on your feelings, they will control your life; instead, you should base your life on the Word of God.

In other words: keep the Word of God, not your feelings!

Who wins?

The strongest one!

If you let your feelings run wild, they will win!

Adversities are but opportunities…

It’s because we’ve dealt with our imperfections that we’re now able to help you. We are not passing on knowledge, but life experience.

I overcame by faith, and so can you if you use your faith. Your strength is inside of you.

The difficulties, the challenges and the truth about yourself are but opportunities for you to use your faith!

How would you believe if it weren’t for these problems?

It’s in difficult times that we learn to believe!

Your problem is not a problem — it’s an opportunity.

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9 comentários

  1. This is what caught my attention
    Your blessing already exists! The only thing that delays it is doubt — what you ‘feel’.

    It is already there, just need to grab it

    Thank you

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  2. This line struck me.. “A problem is not a problem, its an opportunity” Now I’ve been thinking about the problems that i had in the past. How i went through them. And now, i have decided that whenever i have a problem, i will not think of it as a problem but rather as an opportunity. An opportunity to prove what i have been learning in this 40-day challenge. It is a test to my faith and God put me in this situation because He knows that i can get myself out in that problem with a stronger faith.

    Thank you for this message mrs Viviane, God bless you and your family:)

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  3. hie mrs Vivian
    sometimes we nid to be pushed off the cliff in order to conqer our blessing that are already there. when you are pushed off the cliff you wont have time to be emotional you ll put your faith into action. i experienced that ever since my experience i m not afraid to use my faith.

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