Health: “Sorry, but we don’t have your size here you should go to a plus size store…”

Viviane Freitas

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  • Oct
  • 2014

Health : “Sorry, but we don’t have your size here you should go to a plus size store…”

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  • Oct
  • 2014

It seems like a joke but it’s not! Check out Claudia Brito’s story:

“During my teen years I never had a problem with obesity, but everything changed when at seventeen I got married. Everything just happened very fast…
A year after I got married, I got pregnant with my first child and soon after with my second.

I was never worried about what I could or could not eat. I always liked to eat everything.

Time passed and when I was twenty-seven years old something happened that shocked me: I went into a clothing store excited to try on a pair of pants I saw, but the sales person gently told me that they didn’t have my size and it would be better for me to go to the plus size store.

My husband was waiting outside the store for me and noticed that something had happened. My facial expression gave me away. I left that store very angry. My immediate reaction was to say to my husband: “Love, I’m going to go on a diet because I’m fat!” My husband just laughed. When he laughed, his laughter served as an incentive, and I made ​​a decision “all or nothing”. I was determined.

I started reading health magazines. I realized I had to do something radical, something against my will.

I looked to see what was unhealthy for me and I made ​​my list: I wrote down five things that I liked to eat and decided not to eat them until I saw good results.

Are curious to know what they were? Ok, here are the five things I eliminated from my diet:

– White rice
– White Bread
– Sugar
– Soft drinks in general
– Red Meat

At the time I was really radical, however today I sometimes eat red meat because it is important.

I started my diet with lots of water and walking. I took my daughters to school in the car and would leave the car parked at school so I could walk home and back to pick them up. I took the stairs and did sit ups. I was totally focused on getting a good result.

Every day I was more excited. I had more pleasure in doing housework, in taking care of my husband and my daughters. My self-esteem was high and it showed. My body was changing, I felt lighter and had better disposition for everything.

After a year of renunciation, sacrifice, and determination I went from 83kg to 65kg! It’s true. The desire to take care of myself grew more and I was able to realize my dream without medicine, without a doctor, only with my intelligence and determination. Why? Because today I am almost forty-eight years old and I still have this joy. I learned to educate, appreciate, and love myself. My husband admires me, and I know I have been a reference for many girls and women who want to have a lifestyle with quality. ”

Girls, you see how it is possible? Today, we have dietitians (which I’m in favor of), a personal trainer (exercise is great!), but what will really make you reach your goal is your inner strength, determination, focus, discipline, and denying your will. The outside will be a consequence of what is happening inside.

Use this space to leave your comments (which by the way, I love reading). Whether it’s a good or something you are still struggling with. My dear, we are not the only ones in this battle, there are thousands of people fighting for a definite change in their health and wellness.

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  1. Good morning Mrs. Yes determination is the key. My need is not health wise but my life in general. I have been very relaxed for the last 7 years, my life gets stock. Now appreciating people attitude towards me , I am more determined than ever ever. I will come back with my testimony. Xxxx

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  2. Thank you for sharing this made me think how much time I was wasting on unhealthy food and drinks and have decided to cut out it all, and start again fresh, in which await a new life ??

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  3. I used to be an emotional eater and I understand you well being fat and unhealthy is not good.

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  4. Wow that’s an inspiring story really when you want something and you give in your all you get it Thanks

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