Skincare, what is needed?

Bárbara Filipe

  • 8
  • Jul
  • 2015

Skincare, what is needed?

  • 8
  • Jul
  • 2015

With summer in full force, we need to increase our skincare routines.

For this reason today I will give you a few simple tips that can help you take care of your skin and “feed” it accordingly, protecting it from the dangers of sun exposure.

Since childhood we know the dangers of being too many hours in the sun, of going to the beach or pool between the hours that the sun is most intense, and if we do not apply adequate sunscreen to our skin type, etc.

However, even so, every year the number of sunburn, dehydration, skin cancer and other pathologies caused by negligence with the largest organ in the body, our skin has increased!

On the other hand, skin care should not be done only in summer but all year round, so that when the warm weather arrives and requires our body to react, it will be prepared to stay healthy.

I began this post by indicating that skin can also be “feed” and it’s true. “But how?” you ask…

Giving priority to some foods.

  • Citrus foods, because they are rich in vitamin C
  • Fruits and vegetables, especially sweet potato, tomato, melon, kiwi and peach
  • Vitamin A that is found in watercress, spinach and broccoli
  • Pumpkin, apricots and carrots because of the beta-carotene in them
  • Omega 3 that can be found in tuna, salmon and sardines
    Selenium, which found in cereals, Brazil nuts

In addition to this nutritional care, we must not neglect hydration, drinking about 2 liters of water per day and avoiding too much sun exposure.

Some will ask: “But what about vitamin D we get from Sun exposure, isn’t that important?”

Yes, indeed it is very important, but in moderation.

Get sun, enjoy family time, change your daily routines but with precaution!

See you next week.

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  1. I agree with this. I have catched many tans because of being in the sun when its too hot. Now that its summer i dont like to be outside during the day because the sun is more hotter during the day. And when it comes to going out i would go out in the evening when the air is cool and sun isn’t so hot. And i have started to catch many bumbs because i eat many sweets and junk like candy and Soda. But now i know eat fruits and vegies and keep my body hydrated with water

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