Rich Assistant vs. Poor Assistant

Luisa Teixeira

  • 4
  • Jun
  • 2015

Rich Assistant vs. Poor Assistant

  • 4
  • Jun
  • 2015

Today we will know in depth who is the rich assistant and who is the poor assistant.

What are the differences between them and above all, we will find out who we truly are. But so that I can see who I am, there needs to be a thirst to please God from my part. In fact, if my focus is on pleasing God, then I will be willing to “give up” what is wrong inside me.

* The rich assistant is the one that “gives up” her “I“, her wills;
The poor assistant defends her interests in a subtle way;

* The rich assistant has her eyes focused on pleasing God, that is why she is willing to sacrifice!
The poor assistant thinks she is pleasing God, but it’s just pure talk, because her attitudes reveal that she is far from Him;

* The rich assistant knows how to dominates her impulses;
The poor assistant acts hastily without thinking of the consequences;

* The rich assistant flees from sin, gossip, conversations that do not add anything;
The poor assistant allows herself to be led by malicious comments and wishes to know everything about others;

* The rich assistant is always available to meet and accompany the people;
The poor assistant is always in a hurry and her attending is superficial, done in haste with systematic words;

* The rich assistant has initiative, always tries to be active, in evangelizing, in attending, in her attention to her companions, in the organization of the church, in her responsibilities;
The poor assistant only does things when she is called or reprimanded;

* The rich assistant absorbs the spirit of the meetings and the Word of God burns inside of her;
The poor assistant does not pay attention to the meetings and even thinks that the Word is no longer for her but for others.

* The rich assistant learns with everything, practices it, and even teaches;
The poor assistant thinks she already knows everything and has nothing to give;

We could highlight other points that exist in the rich assistant and in the poor assistant; however, I believe that those mentioned above are already extremely enlightening for you to do a self-analysis and deeply see whom you have been.

Do not be “nice” to yourself, but go deep and transform once and for all your condition.

If you want to be a rich assistant interiorly, then be radical and act against your flesh, if not you will always be poor in spirit and will never catch God’s attention towards your life. And worst of all is that your salvation is at risk.

Who can decide per se, on being a rich assistant?

I would like to read your opinion on this article.

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  1. I found this article and the message very strong and powerful. I believe we all go trough the point where when raised as an assistant we always wanna do our best but as time goes by we start taking care less of what is important. In other words we just let it pass by get contaminated but if we don’t watch out it could turn out to a very ugly ending. Which I believe no assistant wants. This article helped me make a check up on myself amd see what is it that I’m lacking off and giving my best to change it for better. Thank you so much for this teaching, God Bless

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