Viviane Freitas

  • 19
  • Jul
  • 2013


  • 19
  • Jul
  • 2013

Rejection is something painful and very bitter.

It is a feeling that will take over your soul if you don’t overcome it.

It will take you to an undesirable and different direction, an unexpected path.

If it’s not confronted it can define your future by frustrating your plans, projects and dreams.

It’s horrible to be rejected! It’s hurtful, bothersome and it always leads us to point fingers at others.
If we don’t act positive against this feeling it will continue to hide within.

How to overcome it?

We can’t think, act or decide for anyone, because everyone has the right to choose and act how he or she wants. We can’t change people or what they think about us.

We can’t let other people’s choices define who we are.

Many people have this problem; they let themselves be influenced by what others think, say, or how they act towards them.

If you feel “worthless” then change that now, revolt against that feeing and don’t allow anyone to discourage you, make you loose your focus or change your future plans.

Don’t change for anyone! If you do, you’re set out to fail.

Where ever you are and whatever you do remember this: Your faith and self-esteem can’t be shaken because of rejection, no matter how, when, or by whom it comes from.

Live, be free, believe in yourself! Don’t be stuck in the past. Start now by valuing yourself more.

And for sure tomorrow you will see the positive results.

A hug!

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  1. It is so true rejection can make you lose your salvation I know people who have left the presence of God because of rejection.

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