Viviane Freitas

  • 12
  • Aug
  • 2014


  • 12
  • Aug
  • 2014

Where does your strength come from?

Well, we are talking about the praise that our will seeks. It creeps up slowly and it gives you the feeling that it’s correct.

And along with that it brings distress, evil thoughts, and even distances you from others.

Consequently, you’re not at peace with you consciousness, and you suffer conflict after conflict.

But before that happens, let us find out how we seek praise (honor) from others.

When you have a great battle within yourself it takes some time to resolve or overcome it, but when the miracle happens… you say it was because of your sacrifice that it was resolved.

It’s true your sacrifice does justify you because you used your faith in obedience to God’s Word.

But, unconsciously you think it was your strength and righteousness before God that brought this forth, but in reality that’s not quite what happened.

What you carried inside of you before the miracle happened was what caused the problem and took your peace. Deep down you did not want to give that up, because you thought it was your “right” to hold on to it. It seemed as though it was your only safety net, because no one seemed to care about you, except yourself.

You lived tormented by this. You thought about it day and night. The agony of being understood or acknowledged by someone just deepened the wound.

And when you finally heard the Word of God, which transmitted faith, certainty, and made you put all those feelings to the side and you decided to obey and surrender any and all your “rights”, safety net, defenses and fear. Therefore using a rational faith that brings results.

After the joy of having achieved the blessing you forget the procedure you went through to obtain it. And in your heart you exalt yourself saying, “See how strong I am?”

Wait, strong?
It’s not that!
You are strong, when you obey the voice of God. It’s not in your strength, but when you submit to God’s voice.

We all benefit from using our faith. It justifies us. How are we justified? For we have nothing to offer God.

I’ve been through that process numerous times, unconsciously. And when I was at the temple I saw in more detail how insignificant I am.

It was this reality that I saw.
Not that I was seeking praise, but because I did not know in depth my weaknesses and flaws.
It’s amazing how the closer to God you are and the more sensitive to His voice you are the clearer you see your mistakes.

That is the reason why we need to know God day after day.

I will talk more in the next post.

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4 comentários

  1. The message is so humbling.
    When we listen to the word of God, our sensitivity to our pride and mistakes is laid bare. Thank you Jesus.

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  2. This is very strong and has opened my eyes, thank you Mrs Viviane. It is so true that many times we say “I have conquered this because I did this”, now we are taking the glory to ourselves. I have been doing this without knowing the depth of it. It’s like putting myself in the place of God. Oh my God. Thanks again Mrs Viviane may God use you more and more

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  3. To be sincere, at first when I read the blog, I didn’t fully understand it so I read another blog. But then this blog stayed on my mind as I was trying to think about how I am deep down – the blog describes me exactly. I have basially seen God change me in such a strong way in what seemed like a short space of time, so sometimes thoughts like these come ‘wow look how strong my change was’ ‘ wow my testimony is so string’ ‘how come that person is taking such a long time to change? Look how quick I made my decision” what foolish thoughts. It was through the strength of God Himself that I am here in faith today and it is a dangerous thing to think that anything came from us. Of course, we did our part, we fought, we believed, persevered and so on… but the true servant is the one who gives ALL the glory to God at ALL times, no matter what.

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  4. Where does my strenghth come from?,
    A good question,it makes me evaluate myself,its so easy for us to forget the strength that God gave us and we look at all we have accomplished and immediately think its because of my strenght,my righteousness.

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