Praise, where is it?

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Aug
  • 2014

Praise, where is it?

  • 11
  • Aug
  • 2014

Praise is honor.

Praise is fame.

We receive praise by our actions, achievements and talents.

We tend to seek approval from people that we admire, respect and love. We create our own expectations when we give or do something for someone. We subconsciously seek acceptance due to our selfishness act and even seek to boost our self-esteem. Without realizing it we expect something in return.

When famous people do something or behave a certain way and are rejected, even if they deserved it, they isolate themselves from the world because they feel misunderstood.
It is no different with us. We are not famous like the stars of Hollywood, but we often seek to be “famous” when we relentlessly pursuit the approval of those around us.

Especially, when it comes to those that don’t give us the importance we think we deserve.

When this happens a “war” breaks out inside of us.

Negative thoughts form, and also feelings of inferiority that result in evil eyes. And the consequences are drastic.
Reactions are unmeasured.

People are insecure because they seek recognition in return for what they think they deserve. Their expectations of others are not met and as a result it creates: Jealousy, envy, evil eyes, and judging. Which of course creates a great distance between them and the other person.
This is all because of a bad feeling that is led by another.

What is the reason for this?

What’s the point?

Nothing! But it seems that vengeance is the answer. Whether, it’s by treating them badly or by saying bad things about them.
It’s so hard to see this!

But that’s what happens when someone is more concerned about what others think of him or her instead of what God thinks of them.
See how destructive it is. It consumes all your moral values.

Their faith in God or in the name of Jesus isn’t present when these feelings take over them, unless they compare what they are feeling to the Word of God.
Only then do they think and reject the incoming attacks and their belief dominates their feelings.

Interestingly, this is so common in human beings; only those who know God can use their reason and their faith in obedience to the Word of God to overcome the attacks and thoughts the devil bombards us with.

What is your choice? Will you follow your destructive impulses, or the faith that leads you to inner freedom????
I will continued in the next post

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3 comentários

  1. I believe I have doing this because most of my life I never received much direction of what to do. With how I felt about myself, people agreeing with me, people approving my decisions became really important. I’ve been given a task to do, I’ve realised that I allowed it to get to me too much, because I focussed to much on people approving me and my actions. Before I came to church I had no direction, so when I came to church I wanted direction but it became too much because I became to depedant on people approving of me and watching over me. I forgot that God is always watching me and can show me things which others can’t. Its a wake call for me because it has been on my mind. I am pushing to lean on God. Its been hard to be honest because I was set in my way of thinking and being but all is not in vain.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless you always,
    Rajani, UK

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  2. I want to follow my faith Dona Vivi. I was that person before looking to be praised and then feeling sorry for myself when I wasn’t. I don’t feel like this anymore but upon reading your post I realise that I can still be quite hard on myself. I need to learn to be my own fan if that makes sense because otherwise no matter how much I believe in God He can’t use me if I don’t trust myself to carry out what He wants me to do.

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  3. é isso ai dona viviane a cada instante devemos vigiar com nossos sentimentos não deixando ele tomar conta de nossas vidas temos que ter uma fé sem sentimentos a onde e qualquer lugar porque se deixamos nos levar por nossos sentimentos estamos perdidose ai satanas fas a festa

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