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I love to be organized!
I love organizing my room, my house, my closet, my drawers.
Everything that makes me organized, I love!

Everything that is within my power, I try to organize.
It’s obvious that I’m not “Superwoman”, but I look to do my best when it comes to organizing; in my office, in the different departments that I take of, with everything that belongs to me. Everything that I organize, in truth, stays for life.

How so?

Because I am able to use it for my life; it helps speed things up.
I dont stay dependent on other people; I am aware of everything. And I leave everything prepared just in case something happens or an unexpected event/problem occurs.

When I am not organizing something, I try and discover problems that could be avoided; the things that bother me.

I look for ways to facilitate my life and those around me that help me. And do you know what happens?

The people that are around me end up learning it and do the same. And they create other “disciples” to give continuity to the system.

And that is how a team is formed.
But, obviously, to create a team, you have to have patience to teach as well as self-dedication.

I look to teach as much as I can…
The truth is, I love to teach! My dream when I was much younger was to be a teacher.

And when the opportunity arises to teach, do you know what I do?
I approach the person, I get to know them better and more, and little by little, I invest in my calling.

What calling?

Saving that soul.
It can be a wife, a helper, or a church member. I take advantage of taking care of them as a soul. And to reach where no one has, speaking about some truths that I observed, in light of what she presents. And that is how, step by step, I do the work of saving souls.

“But how do you save the “soul” of a pastor’s wife or a helper’s ?”, you ask me…

Saving a “soul” is to actually see their “soul”, independent of their position or responsibilities. It’s attending to what she needs, including what she has to offer me.

And so, my cybernaut friend, what is my suggestion on organization?
Be organized, even more than the fact that it’s going to help you, it also gives you control over the situation.
And take advantage of this time that you invest on this to also invest on the Kingdom of God.

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10 comentários

  1. Thank you Mrs Vivi
    Honestly organisation has a serious spiritual meaning because I believe that the Kingdom of God has oder. If so, then when we are disorganized we must be very concerned about our spiritual life, because it might be an indication that we are shifting away from the Kingdom of God.

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  2. I agree Mrs Viv, being organized brings total control. Amen

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  3. Hello good morning Mrs.viviane,
    This message was so useful to me. If we organised we can speed up things and when unexpected things happen we need not be worrying. Teaching is also my passion. To save a soul its not easy and should be patient.

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  4. Organizing the things in the proper way make our life much easier and worry free in unexpected times. And it is very true to save the soul of a person, we must know them well and approach them accordingly. Thank you for the post…

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