Returning to the Past – 41th Part

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • May
  • 2016

Returning to the Past – 41th Part

  • 23
  • May
  • 2016

During this time faith flowed through my veins. The past struggles made ” the blood circulate through my veins.” It made me different. Once you discover how to use faith, that’s all you need!

When you allow yourself to use intelligent faith when battles come, it activates an intrepid faith.
There was no way I could settle for the common things anymore.
This certainty comes from faith, something given by God. This stimulated me to face the difficulties, to make happen what didn’t exist.

So I went forward, I always wanted to be involved in the work of God. I wasn’t conformed in playing a common role. I wanted to bring into existence what didn’t exist and for that, I had to work.

Since I was after making something happen, I paid attention to every situation around me. I saw things that were apparently normal, but that did not fit my faith.


The way people saw things and accepted them as they were without doing something about it, it made me revolt!
I was empowered to fight to make them aware.

I wondered:

How can someone who has the Holy Spirit, let things pass before their eyes and be indifferent to it, as if it were normal? Where is the Spirit of God in this? Where is the power?

I couldn’t accept only to be aware of what is written in the Bible and not see it come true in my life. My life has to reflect that Word.

As the person responsible for a group of wives, I couldn’t see them the same way as the world sees religion.

I worked incisively with them. I spoke strongly about faith. Always had messages to wake them from complacency, which of course didn’t please them, because it bothered them.

Julio, on the other hand, was working with the pastors.

We did vigils, prayed midnight against all principalities and spiritual hosts.
And we realized how much strength our cry out had, how much of a difference it made in the church. But we still had a lot of work.

There was a lot of strength and willingness in us to work. We also had joy in doing what we are called to do.

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  1. Dear Ms Viviane,
    I have been reading your diary(currently on this one) and ive read some of your recently posted diaries, and i would just like to say, continue. I have asked God to bring a woman of God my way, as I am a young female, that will really help me in my faith/spiritual life, and you have been one of those helpers to my spiritual life. Your diaries.. so relatable, and i love that i can see it from someone with a position, so that it shows that everyone goes through things, and I dont have to listen to the devils voice. Your past, and what you have wrote so far – inspired by God, has really been a light/strength to continue, to stay in the faith! Thank you Ms Viviane, your works are not in vain, I appreciate you and am super grateful. Lots of love and may the Living God continue to use you, guide you, and bless you!☺☺

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  2. as a child of God i should have an intelligent faith so i could settle for bigger things in my life.

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