In what situation do you abandon evil?

Viviane Freitas

  • 17
  • Jul
  • 2015

In what situation do you abandon evil?

  • 17
  • Jul
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts.

We are talking about the faith that guarantees results and that waits for no one!

Last week we talked about Moses, who refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and preferred to choose the consequences of being mistreated, along with his people, because he had consideration. Remember his consideration with what was invisible, that is, with the God of Israel?

My cybernaut friend, today we will continue this subject in the book of Hebrews 11:27.

” By faith he left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible.”

I would like to ask you something: In what situation do you abandon evil? Could it be that you have abandoned the past, Egypt, and are afraid of not getting married anymore? Do you fear not having any more friends? Are you afraid of not finding a person that is good enough for you?

Because in the “world”, you chose from among people who were around you, the most beautiful, the one that most caught your attention, but now, faced with a limited amount of people within the church, you don’t see “diversity” from where you can choose. You left Egypt but are afraid… Than this is not faith! You took the step to get out of there, and continue to look back; you still contemplate “Egypt.”

The Bible verse shows the following:

“… He left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger…” (Hebrews 11:27)

Faith makes us be “violent” people! I don’t mean “violent” in a way of killing, taking revenge, repaying evil with evil … That’s not it! It makes us become “violent” because it brings a certainty and we are protected by it.

“… He persevered because he saw him who is invisible.” (Hebrews 11:27)

He went alone, he left Egypt and went away, no one accompanied him, not even his family and yet he remained firm. That is, there were tribulations, distress, but what happened to Moses? He stood firm! Firm in the belief that God exists!

Cybernaut, when this belief exists, you “pay” whatever the price may be, you assume it before God, the devil and the people around you, because you “pay” a high price for it! Moses suffered because of his decisions, but God was not indifferent with him.

And I ask you: Could it be that there exists a fear of having left Egypt? Or could it be that you still contemplate the things of Egypt?
And if this is your case, of still contemplating the things of Egypt, then there is something wrong! You are not in faith…you are in the flesh! And this is just a great opportunity, a “bait” to knock you down.

Among the people of Israel who were muttering and looking to Egypt, remember that only two people remained and entered the Promised Land. Why? Because the others passed through difficulties but didn’t remain firm, they continued to look to Egypt. That is, they left there physically, but didn’t abandon their wills, the “pleasures” that Egypt gave them. They wanted to bring it into their daily life, the customs that they formerly had. They were no longer slaves of the Egyptians, but wanted to live like them, with their gods, with their wills, rebellion and feelings.

Is that faith? Is it respect for God? Is this how you refer to Him as, “Lord my God, and my father…” You say that He is your father? You elevate your prayer to God, saying that He is your God, when your God is you!

When you don’t abandon what’s wrong, who is your God?
It’s you, your wills!

To have a new life, be complete, have the extraordinary within yourself, you have to give up your will, stop having “pleasure” in the evil things.

And perhaps you may ask me this: “How will I stop being like that, Viviane? I have wills, I really like the things of the world and they tempt me… ”
Where is your faith? Your prayer? When will you be honest with God? Talk to him!
You have to speak as follows: “Look God, I feel tempted. I’ll be honest, I like what is wrong; I like to date and get involved with someone else at the same time! I like this “spree”, my God! But it’s not fair, and I don’t want to live with this inside of me! And besides that, I live in conflict, because I am someone in front of some people, and before others, I’m someone else … I don’t want that! I don’t want to live with Egypt inside of me. I want to get out of this Egypt! I refuse to accept being called Pharaoh’s son/daughter, to have a piece of Egypt in me! No, negative! I refuse to have these perks. I want the Lord because I look to His salvation, I want to have peace, tranquility, have a family, I want to be faithful, I want what is fair! Everything that is within me is unfair— I don’t accept that! ”

Cybernaut, when you tell God this truth…you know what you’re doing? You’re considering His words, orders, and commandments, in addition to His will. But it’s not just talking! Pay close attention: After your prayer, there has to be a decision, there must be results! And that’s what I want from you! Love is not “freshness” or “blah blah blah”.
When you love God, you do well for yourself, you love yourself! Now, when you don’t love Him, you mistreat your own life, you are a slave of your own feelings, you live a living hell!

My cybernaut friend, leave Egypt! Be courageous against it, and against what has kept you enslaved.
You know why people often don’t come out of Egypt? Because they don’t hate it!! They don’t seek what is right, they don’t love justice, truth, and they feel offended. Do you know why? -Because they seek for others to understand their injustice.
They say they like “justice” and ask that others be true, but they themselves “can” be unfaithful freely, they can be deceiving, go around with a “mad” face, stay annoyed, ill with life, but others can’t!

It’s time for you to have “shame on yourself!” Like the Brazilians say, “watch your step” and resolve yourself. I speak this way not because I need for you to be an spectator, but because I had to be like that with myself, I had to love myself this way, and there was only one way: being radical. You have to be radical with yourself! Let go of those feelings…yank them out. This will only happen when you reason. Reason, “use your head!” Stop and think. After reading this post, think about your situation and make a decision, because what I most desire is that you have life, and life with abundance, the life that God has given me. I’ve already lived through this hell, I liked and have done what was wrong, but once I left it, it was over! Everything became new! Now I have peace, tranquility, I don’t have concerns about my life because I live the faith, and continue to live it and to exercise it. But for that to happen, there are consequences…

A big hug for you. Leave your comment.

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  1. Dear Mrs Vivian

    Thanks for this word, will be honest to God and tell Him my freshly struggles


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