How to Know God

Viviane Freitas

  • 20
  • Aug
  • 2014

How to Know God

  • 20
  • Aug
  • 2014

Hello everyone. It is a pleasure to be here with you.

Today is the 2nd Day that we are reading from the Book of John. We made a pause after the 40-day fast and now we will continue.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will post articles so you can meditate with us. The 40-day fast was very special and God spoke deeply to each one of us and I’m sure that as we continue learning, He will continue to reveal even more things to us.

But of course only to those who truly want to listen, who thirst, and desire to attend and be sensitive to God’s voice.

For this, we have to be connected with God. How? By reading and meditating on His Word.

“Then they said to him, Where is Your Father? Jesus answered: “You know neither Me nor My Father. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also.”

These words Jesus spoke in the treasury, as He taught in the temple; and no one laid hands on Him, for His hour had not yet come. (John 8: 19-20)

The Jews asked Jesus, where is Your Father. Isn’t that what happens when we choose not to accept and submit to learning each day?

We begin to question in a challenging way, to provoke and even instigate, to then push someone against a wall.

But the Lord Jesus said they did not know Him, and neither the Father! If they did know Him, they would have identified God and certainly accepted Jesus.

The same thing happens with us today. How often are you taught, and you even profess the Word of God, teaching, giving advice, reading the bible, participating in the purposes in the Church, and at certain moments in which you must learn you always raise a question to “provoke”!

When a person does not know God, they don’t accept or understand the Son, and neither God!

I would like to ask you to do an introspective of your life and pay attention to how you have reacted or acted when you had the opportunity to learn something.

We are all still in a learning stage, it doesn’t matter whether you have little time or many years in the Church. Until Jesus returns, we will always continue to learn. Why? Because we are human beings!

But here’s the difference! Those who know Jesus, who had an encounter with Him, who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, and have the pleasure of knowing Jesus must still learn every day of every year. You may say, “But I do know Him, I was baptized, and sealed with the Holy Spirit.” Then the same would apply to you, we constantly have to learn everyday, every year.

One thing is clear, in my experience: The closer I am to God the more insignificant I become! Not because He humiliates or be-little’s me, but because I can see His mercy and greatness. I can see how I am full of sins and mistakes. Not because I live in sin, but because I feel things I shouldn’t feel!

Each year, each month, we have the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus by meditating on His Word. If this meditation does not exist, if you are not sensitive to His voice then you will not understand God’s thoughts or what He wants from you, at work, when you’re with your family, or with other church members. You won’t understand your role.

The Lord Jesus was always an example. Through everything we read we realize He was “noble” of “high-class”! He wasn’t petty, full of “foolishness” instead He revealed a perfect, pure, mature behavior.

You must take advantage and learn from Him.

It is very important for you to think: Where, when and how have I been reluctant? Isn’t all this for me to learn?

Leave your comment here. How do you see yourself?

If you are ready and willing then it will certainly be a pleasure to read your comments and be part of your growth.

We’ll be back on Friday, learning to meditate on the Word of God.

Do not be anxious for something new instead learn from what you have already read. That’s why we are not doing this post daily because there are people who want to read many posts without meditating on each one individually. It’ll bring you knowledge, but you won’t apply it in your day to day. The intention here is for you to practice and learn everyday.

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  1. Thank you miss Vivian now I understand how to be closer to Lord Jesus I really want to learn more about Lord Jesus before wen I was in hongkong I just simple Church goer thank you your message is one of the reason I learn…

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