How to get rid of excess fat from your body!

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Dec
  • 2013

How to get rid of excess fat from your body!

  • 11
  • Dec
  • 2013

Since last week we spoke about the importance of physical exercise let’s see what lesson Fabiola Bianco has prepared for us this week.

Are you ready? It’s time to exercise!

To begin, get a mop and a broom (or two mops or two brooms). Careful that they aren’t too old, we don’t want any accidents! They will provide support and balance, but don’t put your weight on them. Use the strength of your legs and keep your abdomen muscle always tight throughout the exercises.
Warm up for 5 minutes before by running around your living room (avoid the furniture and do it on your tip toes only raising your heels, you will feel your heart rate accelerate a bit) . Climb some stairs (if you can), move your arms around and even dance. The important thing is to warm up your body and you’ll be ready for your cleansing to begin!

1 – Squats: Hold the broom stick in front of your body and separate your legs with your feet turned out (knees too). Keep your spine straight and don’t put your body forward. Go into a siting position (like we teach in class). All the strength has to be put onto the legs and not the arms. Repeat this for 1 minute or as much as you can.

2 – In the same position jumps 15 times (what ever height you can reach) this exercise will raise your heart rate. Come on, let’s go!

3 – Hold on to the stick and lift your heel up 30 times on each leg without letting your feet touch the floor (don’t do it too fast).

4 – While standing hold on to the stick and lift it up to your shoulders and lower it bringing your torso forward into a 90degree angle. It is very important to pay attention to your posture remember our rule of thumb always keep your abs tight and don’t raise your bottom. Repeat this 15 times.

5 – Still holding on to the stick run around on your tip toes for 1 minute.

6 – Diagonal Kick: kick your leg in front of the body diagonally and without touching the floor bring your leg to the back. Do this 30 on each leg.

7 – Hold on to both sticks (the mop and broom) and jumps from side to side bringing your knee up. Do this on each side for 1 minute.


8 – Holding on to both sticks bring your knee up toward your chest and extend it all the way back, squeezing your buttocks. Do this 30 times on each leg.

7 – Do this for 1 minute: Jump bringing your legs forward and backward in a skiing motion.

9 – Leaning against a wall, lean forward with your back straight and with your abs tight hold on to the stick lift your arms up to your head. This will tighten your back muscles. Repeat this 20 times.

10 – While standing lift up your arms holding on to the stick bring one leg up at a time, and lowering your arms at the same time while tightening your abs. Count to 60 (30 times for each leg).

For those who find difficulty with this exercise do it with the knee bent.

11 – Go against the wall and slide your body down into a sitting position with your abs tuck in. Leave the stick in front of you but don’t hold on to it, it will help you standup later. Use your thigh muscles. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.


12 – Hold on to the stick and jump opening and closing your legs for 1 minute.

13 – This exercise will strengthen your oblique (waistline). Support yourself with one hand on the stick and the other one put it to your head. Bring your knee up while lower your head to the side without putting your foot completely on the ground (touch only the tip of your toes) and repeat. Do this 30 times on each side.

14 – Do you remember the can-can dance? The dance where women raised their knees and then kicked forward one leg at a time jumping nonstop. Support yourself on the stick and do the can-can without stopping for 1 minute!

This works your heart (making it stronger!), your abdominal muscles, gluts, quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, back and shoulders. Whew! Do this 3 times a week and you ‘ll notice the difference. If it is relatively easy to follow this sequence then you can increase the aerobic exercises to 1 or 2 minutes more. Don’t forget to drink water and stretch.

Even at home we exercise ourselves.
So, did you like it?
Take care of yourself and exercise.

 Until next time!

* The information contained in this blog is not for individual purposes. It’s not a substitute for regular health care. Always consult your physician regarding your health and nutrition.

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