High Heels, beauty at what price?

Bárbara Filipe

  • 13
  • Dec
  • 2015

High Heels, beauty at what price?

  • 13
  • Dec
  • 2015

A big part of women think its elegant to wear high heels, and everyday this fashion accessory is worked on to be more appealing and flashy.

With the passing of the years the height of the high heels have increased slowly, another thing that changed was the structure of the heel, that in some cases, it compromises the balance of those who use it.

Lets verify these examples:

Needle Heel: this heel is not recommended to women with overweight or that are going to be standing up many hours of the day. The need of permanent balance of the column and the force exerted from our muscles can provoke many pathologies if its use isn’t moderated.

Platform Heel: this heel is uniform and doesn’t show much inclination most of the time, its most recommended for those who love to wear heels.

Coma Heel: this type, due to its curve, its not very comfortable to walk in.

Wedge Heel: its ideal for those who spend a long time standing up because it allows the balance of the body.

Square Heel: it has a regular base it allows the fingers more mobility and and stability.

In other words, it is of extreme importance to observe the base of your shoe, and if you are comfortable walking around on your heels.

For those who tend to walk on irregular floors, like in trips with sidewalks or that you need to go up and down the stairs frequently, it is relevant to check that if the heel is ideal for your column, knees and joints.

With this said, it doesn’t mean that flats are the only thing great for your health, no! But everything in life must be done with moderation.
For this reason, take the challenge!

Go through you wardrobe, check which shoes you feel the most comfortable in, and put those at the front so you can wear them daily, and leave the option that are “high and worked up” for the days that you don’t have to do a whole lot of walking on irregular floors or that you’ll have to be standing up for long periods of time.

Of course there are always exceptions! A ceremony, a dinner, a business meeting, etc.
On these days, when you get home to rest, take good care of your feet with love, giving them the rest it needs. And not he next day, try using more comfortable shoes to rest the muscle.

Elegant, YES, but HEALTHY.

See you soon.

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  1. we should wear our heels based on the
    occasion to balance our bodies.

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  2. Thank you Mrs Vivi
    for the wonderful tips you gave to us that we should wear our heels based on the occasion to balance our bodies.

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  3. Good day Mrs. Viviane,
    Thank you for the tips and advices regardings heels. I do love wearing heels when I was not heavy in weight even today. I agree it is very important to take note every occasion of wearing them (heels). And must be our feet is comfortable too. Thank you and a bless day ahead?

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  4. Very interesting and important we should watch even how high our heels are because they can be unhealthy or unsafe. Know I can see what heels are good for me.

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