From Children to Parents: A Dishonest Scale

Viviane Freitas

  • 5
  • Mar
  • 2015

From Children to Parents : A Dishonest Scale

  • 5
  • Mar
  • 2015

“Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, But a just weight is His delight.” (Pv. 11: 1)

Whenever I read this passage, I associated honesty in relation to dealing with others or in everyday “business”. Until, by necessity, I realized that I myself could become a “dishonest scale”…


– When I do not “judge” myself accurately, thinking I am something that I’m really not, or having qualities for which I didn’t battle or sacrifice. This makes me “blind” towards my own mistakes, preventing me from identifying them, pursuing and “killing” them;

– When my eyes are “critical”; I hastily judge others by their posture, attitude or words without giving them the benefit of the “doubt”. I don’t try to understand what motive they had to act or speak a certain way … I stop attending to the needs of others, and I start prioritizing my emotions;

– When I am religious, looking for God the way I “learned”, but not as I need to. Attending the Church systematically, I don’t dispose myself to listen and really practice;

– When I allow myself to become “unbalanced” by my own tasks, failing to prioritize the most important: God, my inner being, my husband, children, ministry … I stop investing in “souls”, and I begin to invest in passing things;

– When I don’t put an effort in educating wisely, but I allow myself to be lead by modern habits: “Because everyone has, my children must have too”; “Because everyone does it, my children can not be left out; “Because everyone eats it, why would I ban it from them?” “They do not like it… let’s do something else!”

We must be careful not to move from one extreme to the other, because we can become a dishonest scale. See some more examples:

Understanding is not synonymous of permissiveness – Although I love my children, that does not mean that all the time, I will allow or agree with their attitudes or “impositions”, whether they are typical of their age or not;

Humility is different from Inferiority – Because I might be a simple “person”, but that does not mean I will not have self-esteem or I would fail to appreciate myself;

Do you understand now how quickly, if we are not vigilant, we can move from one extreme to another?
The accurate and just “weight” is God’s delight! And this is achieved through an intimate and healthy communion with our Creator. He gives us the ability to see where we have made a mistake, and more than that … The strength to reach it!

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a moderation.” (II Tm.1:7)

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3 comentários

  1. This blog post was written in a totally different way than I expected but it is still very useful. Just because the world is doing things one way does not mean that I should unbalance my scales and accept that too.

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  2. Yes it’s true that our emotions leads us to be unbalance scale and if we are not vigilant in this we lost direction from God. So we need to invest more to our communion with God for us to learn how to be balance in all areas of our life. Thank you.

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  3. The post is very helpful in making me understand how unbalanced people including myself can be. Sometimes we go to the extreme of finding everything normal or we can find everything bad or unholy, but this tends to happen due to our lack of investment in our relationship with God.

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