Fixed ideas

Viviane Freitas

  • 16
  • Sep
  • 2013

Fixed ideas

  • 16
  • Sep
  • 2013

You know when you have a fixed idea in your head and no one can change it?

How do you react when someone contradicts your ideas? Or when a new idea is presented to you?

Normally you debate it with your own ideas, right? When this happens, your reasons are always stronger. And if you feel some sort of discomfort with it, what do you say?

Your answer is almost always the same:

– It’s derived from something evil.

– That is the question.

– That’s the way it’s going to be!

Sneaky thoughts always come saying:

– I am this way, she’s the one who doesn’t understand me!

– Nobody understands me!

– No one knows exactly is going on!

That “certain” idea makes you isolate yourself. It doesn’t let you advance on any challenge. You don’t learn anything and worst of all you remain thinking you are right.

That person’s life remains the same, nothing changes. There is nothing new in his or her life, and because of that they have disastrous adventures.

That person always finds a way to create problems, makes a storm in a glass of water.

It seems as though everyone owes him or her something like, consideration, favor, or attention. Even if people try it’s not enough.

This is pride. He or she acts on the defense in order to protects their rights. Anyone who doesn’t listen to what others have to say, loses, because they will fail to see other angles. Their vision is blocked because of their stubbornness in wanting to maintain their ideal life.

Dear reader, before this scenario, I ask you:

– Do you want to continue with your own fixed ideas? Or do you want to live a new life?

There is only one

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  1. Amen thank you for the insight.
    We don’t have to be always right.

    See more