Day 14 – Listener and Doer

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Feb
  • 2015

Day 14 – Listener and Doer

  • 11
  • Feb
  • 2015

Hello to all the cybernauts. It is a pleasure to follow your comments in every audio here on the blog.

I have read all of them and it is very interesting reading them because I can understand better what is going on your head, what is going on with you. It is gratifying when you expose your situation, when you talk about your results, of what is going on…of something that is truthful and useful.

I understand that you want to add on, because when I hear my audios, I also want to add on…talk… because I don’t always have the exact words.

The topic that I want to talk about is, “Listener and Doer”

And to talk about this, I can’t help but to point out that in the comments made by many people, I observe that there is a notorious existence of distress because sometimes they do not have the results that they are expecting.

Something that is important to be aware of is when you read the Word of God. When you read, read slowly. Do not read, simply, as if it were a text, but read each word as being important to you. This is very important so that as you read, you can reflect and understand what you’re reading.

Even if you say, “Viviane, but I have difficulty understanding God’s Word.” Do not worry! What you haven’t yet understood, it’s because it’s not the time to understand it, or perhaps because you didn’t seek. So it is up to you to be interested and try to know what you read.

Today is the 14th day and we are going to read the book of Romans, chapter 2, and verse 13:

“…for not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God,…”

I’ll stop here, so that you can understand … You see, we can be in this status of “hearers of the law,” but that doesn’t mean that I’m just before God. What will make me just before Him is what the verse concludes:

“…but the doers of the law will be justified;…”

That is why you’ve already heard: “faith justifies” or “you shall be justified.” When it says that in the Bible, about being justified, it’s because when there was justification, you were understood and were not convicted. Moreover, when you practice the word of God, you stop being just a listener to be a doer.

But what is the difference?

You may ask, “How to be a doer of the Word of God? How can I be justified in practicing the Word of God? ” It is important to know, see how your behavior and thoughts are. I’m not seeking for you to be perfect, but for you to master perfection. Identify your mistake and get right to the point, even if it hurts, because it hurts when you find it and the truth is not always welcomed, but it liberates you. When you recognize your mistake, it’s not for you to blame yourself. The Lord Jesus didn’t come to condemn you, but He came to save.

When you come close to Jesus and you are able to see your mistakes, it’s not for you to condemn yourself but for you to understand and know how to identify them; so that you can fight against them, make plans to change your attitudes.

In addition to that, add it in your own prayer, even if you haven’t achieved a change, it’s not for you to be sad, blame yourself, or feel inferior comparing yourself to other people. No!!

First of all, you must rip out this emotional faith, which is evident through such accusations, feelings of inferiority, and comparisons. You are you…that’s the end of it! You’re not me, I am not you…so don’t compare yourself to me. You need to understand that what is being passed here is so that you understand how to react. That is why I talk about myself! Not for you to feel inferior, accused, or convicted.

We are here on the blog, daily in these 21 days, justly to solve those problems so that when you seek the Holy Spirit, you will find Him.

And in case you are living a promiscuous life, with errors you can´t stop…then it´s necessary for you to go through the process of deliverance, which is held every Friday in the Universal Church, where prayers against evil are made.

But also, you have to pray, putting the devil in his place, telling him, “I´m the one who doesn´t want you inside me, and whatever I find wrong inside me, I will cast it out.” This is intelligent faith and not an emotional faith.

Continuing with the reading…

¨For it is not those who hear the law who are just in the sight of God; rather, those who observe the law will be justified.”

The law is what God teaches you; you have to stop being emotional… you must cut the emotion immediately when you evaluate and think. This is how you will be justified—take actions that will make you cut…use a “sword” to eliminate evil.

Moving on…

¨For when the Gentiles who do not have the law by nature observe the prescriptions of the law, they are a law for themselves even though they do not have the law.  They show that the demands of the law are written in their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even defend them on the day when, according to my gospel, God will judge people’s hidden works through Christ Jesus.  “(Romans 2. 14-16)

Your way of carry yourself, your faith or your way of acting, have witnessed your conscience and your thoughts.

For example, when I think and I nourish a bad thought or bad eyes towards someone…what do I do? My way of acting will be to ignore them or perhaps take revenge against them…and that’s because I have bad eyes. When I don’t have limits, that is, when I don’t use God’s word to discipline myself, not to condemn myself, but to discipline myself…because sin is a lack of discipline, there is no order, organization, respect or love— sin is to live at will…something “a la vonté!”

But when you practice the word of God, you choose to have in your mind a goal.

Every time I fought against a feeling, I started to look at it again, reconsidering the situation and tried to understand why I had bad eyes with the other person. Like that, I was not only looking from my perspective, but also looking from the part of the other person. When I do this process for myself, I practice what is right. Because who said I’m always right? How many times I deceived myself thinking I was right and, after all, I was wrong. So, I observe my attitudes and I discipline them.

What will justify me is my faith. The way I discipline myself, how I respect the word of God, how I honor God … it´s not just to gain benefits as a child of God … but so I can serve Him.

When this is within me, something that was not imposed by someone else, but that I want to do…right away I correct and auto-discipline myself, concerning the things that I have to bring into existence.

So if I have bad eyes, mumble, whatever it is…I have to cut it immediately, it cannot be part of my character. There may come a moment when you feel something, but that has to be done away with. We are not talking about a feeling of being promiscuous, or desire something from someone…that has to do with a spiritual problem in which you must seek deliverance, but more like a feeling of being defensive.

Maybe you were rejected, that is why you react in a form of defense.
But as soon as you identify this type of emotion, you begin to take actions contrary to what you feel and you correct yourself. You learn how to understand other people because they don’t have the capacity to understand you, what happened to you, and what you ´ve lived through.

So, dear cybernaut friends, do not let the devil “party” because you are letting yourself feel … You think I do not feel? I feel too…just yesterday, but I remembered: “I will not feel. My God, I need help! That is why, Lord, guide me on what I should do!” And I went forward, I didn´t become stagnant. When I spoke to that person, I immediately learned as I was speaking, because I saw God doing His role.

You’ll discover more because there will be new things in the blog about my diary, which will be about me…and by looking at myself, you will learn to identify aspects that will help you too. Soon!

Cut the evil… The intelligent faith is based on solving the problems, it doesn´t stay accusing you—throw all accusation out!!

If you have errors and mistakes, don’t ignore them, but solve them…don’t run away!

A big hug! Leave your comment here.

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6 comentários

  1. I like to thank God for what He has done for me in this fast of Daniel, cause since i started to read your blog my life changed. God talk to me through you.

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  2. “Every time I fought against a feeling, I started to look at it again, reconsidering the situation and tried to understand why I had bad eyes with the other person. Like that, I was not only looking from my perspective, but also looking from the part of the other person. When I do this process for myself, I practice what is right. Because who said I’m always right? How many times I deceived myself thinking I was right and, after all, I was wrong. So, I observe my attitudes and I discipline them.”

    I can identify myself in the above passage as I fight against the feelings and emotions of insecurity – always wondering what other people are thinking of me to the point of having bad eyes towards them without even pitting myself in their shoes or trying to figure out why they say as they say or do as they do. I’m taking it upon myself to discipline myself, my attitudes and to do what is right with the help of God.

    Thank you Mrs. Viviane

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  3. Hello Mrs.,

    I don’t know where to start! I learned here today that I must not compare myself to others because I am me. And I am not like the others. Second is not to condemn myself. Jesus came to save. Third, I must practice what I learned. Cut out negative emotions and be doer of the Word! I just found the weapon in your message to cut out the works of evil in my life! Thank you! I am speechless because your message is like food I need to eat. I’m seeing food! Spiritual food! It summarized everything I went through and going through. What a blessing! Thank you for being a blessing Mrs. Vi, God bless you more and more!

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  4. Amen, it’s so amazing how these messages are so aligned with what the Holy Spirit has been showing me. Ms. Vivane, I used to have a huge problem with condemning myself, even as an assistant. Every little mistake I made, I would go to God saying how sorry I was and how awful I was and would take an attitude full of emotions and feel sorry for myself. Thoughts would come in my mind to quit, making me doubt myself as a servant of God and as a consequence, would stop me from helping people and doing His work, yet something inside of me was there encouraging me to persevere and reminding me of where I came from. I knew I had to move forward, and eventually it became so clear that I had been condemning myself and that was the real problem. So now, when I make mistakes or do something wrong and God shows me, I act by faith and cut if off! Like you said, the feelings come, but I don’t let them control my life or stop me from serving Him.

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  5. Thank you Mrs Viv
    What you said is true, we need to do away with all those things that don’t help us and take up the opportunity to fi ourselves. What will bless us will be when we become doers of the Word of God and not just being hearers.

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  6. This message is so strong that I had to take a moment to comment. Thank you so much. For me it was spot on because the situation I recently went through the exact complaint of the person I was with was that I am too defensive. Why am I so defensive? I have also been rejected a lot which was/has been the motive for a lot of my actions/reactions. Reading this has helped me to learn to work harder to identify the “feeling” as soon as it comes. Of course I will continue to pray and do my part.

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