Love: #3 – Before the Wrath of God. What does God do?

Viviane Freitas

  • 18
  • Sep
  • 2015

Love : #3 – Before the Wrath of God. What does God do?

  • 18
  • Sep
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

It is a pleasure to be here with you. Last week, I did not have an opportunity to record an audio, but today we are here…

We have been speaking about love, but specifically about God’s love.

When we come to know the love of God, we come to know who He is, and how He acts.

And it is this that I want to call to your attention, because if you learn how to know who God is and how He acts, then certainly it is in that way that you are going to love Him and desire to do the things that please Him.

In the book of Isaiah 48: 9, it is written the following:

“For my own name’s sake I delay my wrath; for the sake of my praise I hold it back from you, so as to not destroy you completely. “

Observe that God loves His name, this reveals that He does not hate Himself and that He has respect for Himself.

“For my own name’s sake I delay my wrath…” When you get really angry, what is your will? Maybe it is to express yourself in an aggressive manner in your way of speaking or to attack the other person, to hurt them in some way; you don’t want things to remain the way they are… So, most of the time, you take hasty actions.

But look at what God says: “For my own name’s sake I delay my wrath; for the sake of my praise I hold it back from you”. He loves His name, so He delays His Wrath and for the sake of His praise, He holds Himself back. In other words, He stops so He doesn’t destroy you…

Many times, my cybernaut friend, you get angry easily and you let go of your praise, your honor. Do you know that person that is always angry? Always impatient, upset, everything offends them? That person does not have the honor, the praise of her children nor of her husband because they know that she is always with a closed/angry face, always angry, complaining about things, always negative with life! Even when she has a little bit of reason, she loses… Because she is angered easily and always has the same type of inconvenient behavior: this makes her lose all honor, all her credibility.

When God speaks about Himself, it allows me to mirror myself and look at my interior… Who am I? Why are you? Do you perhaps, have this affection for yourself? Do you have this love for your name?

If you have this kind of affection for yourself, don’t keep “playing” with something as serious as your behavior, your attitudes; stop playing around, don’t take attitudes according to your own desires… No! You repress it, be careful, because you know that you can get into a situation that will make you suffer the consequences.

Cybernaut, I want to warn you, you who are reading this post, pay attention!  

Perhaps you are a person that is always angry, your face always closed off, you live complaining about the people that have hurt you; many years have passed and you live with that annoyance, that hurt which make you lose your honor. Look at that! You lose your honor with your kids… What honor do your words have to them?

You live relaxed, you speak in whatever manner pleases you… Your comportment as a mother, as a daughter, is the type of behavior that makes you lose your honor, your dignity, respect, because you are always committing mistake after mistake after mistake! But it isn’t the mistakes because we are all flawed… You commit mistakes because you want to! You know that you shouldn’t hold grievances, that you cannot live in the past, that you shouldn’t have bad eyes, that you shouldn’t gossip, that you shouldn’t take advantage of people… Such is the case that you have many years in the church and you open your mouth to speak bad things… and you are always doing this; what do you think is going to be the reaction of others when you say something good? You will not have any honor, any credibility!

Be just! Observe your errors! Look that God Himself has care with reactions and He is an example! Because He can destroy, get angry, but His Love is not like ours, but even so, He refrains Himself. He takes care. This to me is really an example! 

Think that in everything we should be exemplary to God, but He gives us an example and shows clearly who He is! He doesn’t need to tell me, or you… It wasn’t necessary to write or explain about it. He could have said: “Look when I am angered, it’s over! It’s settled! I don’t make mistakes!”

Yes, the wrath of God exists, He gets angry every day! But his anger isn’t to destroy… His anger is knowing that there are people in our midst listening to the truth and have the behavior of someone who doesn’t know God. His anger is you knowing the truth and even so, you continue with the same mistakes!

Cybernaut, if you are reading this right now and you are the type of person that lives in anger, hurt, sensitive, no one can say anything to you that you get upset… Know one thing! You are compromising your own life, you are losing the opportunity of repenting, because you keep guarding that which makes you hurt; you continue complain about life!

Look at your own self! Observe, stop looking at others peoples’ lives and resolve your own problems! Shame on you because God won’t take your shame upon Himself, no! He is not going to change, you are the one that has to convert from those wrongful attitudes that you are committing. Pour out your heart before God and tell Him everything that you have been living up until now. God is pleased with sincerity! 

You cannot be perfect, but when you are sincere and assume who you really are, God is with open arms to accept you. But, when you avoid looking at your own erros, retaining, not forgiving, living a life full of anger, not being the type of person that gets upset and but soon passes… You keep guarding that hurt, that anger, something happens and you turn cold, with bad eyes, etc…

Love yourself like God loves Himself!

Search for your own honor! Not so that people respect you, but because you love yourself and because you need to be disciplined. Don’t be undisciplined! Settle down!

Write down below, you who identify yourself with what we have speaking about.

Write your name, the city. Participate!

What do you have to say? What is happening?

Certainly if you write about your problems, I won’t be able to respond, because I don’t have the capability to respond to all the comments, it’s a lot of people… but we have the audios, in this case, reflections, every week that teach  you auto-discipline. Notice your errors, assume them, and resolve them with God. Take them from within yourself and God will honor you! You will see!

A big hug to you! I await your comments.

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17 comentários

  1. I have been struggling with lying. Am working on stopping to lie.l get absent minded sometimes when l answer question so l end up lying then l realise after that am nt telling the truth.l get blank sometimes when am asked a question. What do l do nw

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  2. Goedenavond mevrouw Viviane,
    Gelukkig wordt ik niet al te vaak boos maar wat ik hier uit leer is eerst nadenken en dan reageren, het zit eigenlijk in de mens om gelijk een reactie te geven, door slecht te gaan denken . Het is waar als je niet nadenkt vernietig je alleen maar jezelf. Boosheid is ook een open deur dat het kwaad binnen in ons kan komen en nog meer problemen te brengen in ons leven. Vanaf nu zal ik eerst goed nadenken voor ik reageer en dat probleem eerst met God bespreken.
    Carmelita Burke, Holland Rotterdam.

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  3. This was honestly the answer to that prayer, you know that prayer “God I want to change show me what I need to change” – that prayer! I can really identify

    I’ve been struggling with discipline for the past couple of months and I have been so laid back and as a Consequence I’ve been loosing out in a lot of opportunities. The truth is that there no secret to it, you just need to do what you need to do ! No one can do it for you. ‘If you learn how to know who God is and how he acts, that certainly it is in that that you are going to love him and desire to do the things that please Him. ‘

    mediating on Isaiah 48:9 , though so it’s such a short verse I saw so many amazing Characteristics God has and Who He is and how He deals with things!

    Thank you Holy Spirit for this post!

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  4. Thank you Mrs Viviane for the post learning a great deal.

    Many at times these are not easy to practise but when practise it becomes a blessing to the person first. Repaying good for evil is stress and worry free life.

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