Assistant: Assitants clothed with Levites garments

Viviane Freitas

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2014

Assistant : Assitants clothed with Levites garments

  • 7
  • Aug
  • 2014

A Levite Assistant’s clothes are not only the “physical” uniform, which by the way should always be spotless and well presented, but as we have mentioned in the last article, any assistant can be a Levite if he or she presents him or herself as the Living Temple of God.

But ultimately, what kind of clothes should an assistant present themselves with while doing God’s Work?

The “clothes” they have on inside of them should always be kept clean, and white as snow.

Sadly, there are many cases that have come to our knowledge of assistants who over time let their “clothes” become stained, dirty, and without life, all because they have not maintained them pure and holy.

Your clothes get dirty when your interior is corrupt by malice, bad eyes, selfishness, and by the desire of your will, which is constantly complaining. Or because you are living your life in a systematic way by letting it run on autopilot.

If, by chance your clothes have dirty stains on them, know that only you can make them clean.

It’s so simple! Just use your head, just like our physical clothes need to be washed, and require maintenance and care, our spiritual garments need to be cared for and cleaned daily as well and even more. Do not think that once they are clean they will remain clean forever!

Notice what is written:

“And the Levites purified themselves and washed their clothes; then Aaron presented them like a wave offering before the Lord, and Aaron made atonement for them to cleanse them.” (Numbers 8:21)

Only after that the Levites -not Aaron, or God – purified and washed their clothes were they able to be presented as an offering before the Lord.

Make a note and examine your own clothes, if they are not clean your offering and service in His Work will be null.

It is very serious and profound, is it not? What do you think about this?

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  1. very strong my interior represent my exterior,so i have to make sure that my inside is clean without ant stains which is grudges,hatred,jeolosy etc,thank you

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  2. Thank you Mrs Luisa! For the message and I will definitely put it into practice and make sure my clothes are clean which is my inside and spiritual life in order to serve God.

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