Assistants who don’t think!

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • Jan
  • 2014

Assistants who don’t think!

  • 23
  • Jan
  • 2014

What is your goal in the Work of God?

Why do you serve God as Assistant?

How many souls haven you won?

How have you been counseling others?

Assistant, there is a great need to question your self, and it can’t only be once in a while, but it must be constant. These questions are to be answered in depth, with surrender and above all sincerity.

Unfortunately, many, when asked these questions, they don’t respond with assurance because there isn’t a true definition within themselves.

The answer is almost always the same: To be a soul-winner.

This answer is what we frequently see on the Assistant’s profile under the question: “What is the reason you started doing the Work of God?”

That’s fine! The answer is correct, but what is your strategy? What is your plan of action to be a soul-winner?

When you question yourself, it’s a sign that you’re being vigilant, and that you have notion of exactly for what purpose you were called. You can’t be like a ship adrift without a direction, because if you are then how will you have the structure to destroy the works of the devil?

Or do you think the devil is just any adversary that can be underestimated? Know that he also wants to win souls, and he strategically plans everything out. And further more, he waits as long as it’s necessary to reach his goal.

I don’t want to prolong this, but I want you to think about the questions I’ve asked here. Use your reasoning, with firmness and steadfastness in faith.

The Work of God is not a joke because you do not serve a pagan god. Your God is the God of Hosts, and in His ” Warfare” there is only room for those who have strategies, for those who use their inner strength.

The Work of God begins within your self! Require of yourself an evaluation of the way you’ve been preceding.

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2 comentários

  1. My mission is to reach out for those who are suffering,inspired them by my own testimony ,teach them how to overcome their situation and most importantly to win them for God for their salvation.

    Then helping them to use their faith until they can walk alone with God because I do believe that God wanted each one of us to learn in a way that we know how to value the basic.

    There’s no short cut in the Work of God.These is my strategy because I was mold this way.:)

    Then sooner or later they can imitate the same way to show compassion to others to be save through Christ Jesus.

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  2. Yes mam i agree with t’s my failure most of the time but i promise now that i red this post i will make all the efforts to accomplish the mission of being chosen as an assistant in the work of God.

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