Assistant, what confirms that you are approved?

Luisa Teixeira

  • 27
  • Aug
  • 2015

Assistant, what confirms that you are approved?

  • 27
  • Aug
  • 2015

Today’s post will be direct and short, so that it may be ingrained in your mind and so that you never forget.

The question of the hour is the following:

What confirms that you are an approved assistant?

Many say that it’s:

  • For the acts they have done
  • For the time they gave in the Work of God
  • For the responsibilities executed
  • For the number of people they bring to the House of God
  • For their commitment in counseling
  • For the fast and prayers that they do
  • For the hard work and participation in the innumerable services they attended

And many more…

In truth, with all sincerity, that is essential, but everything all falls apart when there aren’t three characteristics that prove that you are in fact an approved assistant.

Which are:

the WORD of GOD

Everything is intertwined. Obedience is tied to sacrifice and the Word.

No one sees my interior, nor when I’m “backstage”, but if there is no obedience in the Word of God, then my sacrifice is not accepted and my words, which can be many, are not valid and will not have any affect.

Reflect on this! And leave your comment below.

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  1. Amen.Only three things in one.

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  3. Thank you I will be sure to look closely into my obedience with God. This post shows me once again how Obedience, sacrifice and the word of God go hand and hand. Thank you so much!

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