Assistant, make a balance of your performance

Luisa Teixeira

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  • Oct
  • 2015

Assistant, make a balance of your performance

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  • Oct
  • 2015

Today’s post will allow you to make a balance of your performance in the Work of God, because what we have observed is that many assistants serve God without a goal.

They just wear the uniform and preserve the title of assistant, but truly performing their role, as soul-winners, as good and faithful servants, is a very distant reality, and even unknown to many.

To make a balance of our lives, and weigh in the “balance” to see who we’ve truly been, there’s a need to answer some questions that can only be answered by each of us. No one has the power to weigh and evaluate whom we are inside, but the person in question.

I leave you some questions that will help you use the intelligent faith, because it leads us to think, assess and demand results from ourselves.

WEIGH my performance:

Do I truly know God?
Am I in His Dependence or am I using my own arm’s strength?
Am I attentive to myself or do I live being controlled by my “I”?
Have I gone deep into my work as an assistant? Or just wear the uniform?
Do I attend the people or just participate in the meetings and then go take care of my life?
The way I attend the people, has it been profound or superficial?
How’s my development as an assistant?

Enjoy these days that you’re in—that is, if you are—living the Fast of Daniel, to make that assessment of yourself, answering each of these questions. If you find that your performance has been weak and negligent, then change your story, and go deep within yourselves, to take out everything that prevents you from being an approved assistant by God—before it’s too late.

Think about it and leave your comment here.

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  1. Eye opener, at times it may seem to ourselves that we do much but when it cones to answering the questions above made me realize a lot about God’s work and about analyzing myself. Thank you so much God bless and keep on using you!

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