Assistant: Isolated Assistants…

Viviane Freitas

  • 23
  • Oct
  • 2014

Assistant : Isolated Assistants…

  • 23
  • Oct
  • 2014

This is another article intended for assistants to read and analyze themselves, to review their status and especially to revert their situation.

Not just with words, as unfortunately we have witnessed many who say, “I’ll change, and I don’t want to be this way anymore” and even pray a lot for this transformation…

But in reality, what they do is talk a lot, and only take very few to no action at all. I want to make it clear that if you are one of those assistants who say that you will change and have been praying a lot about it, but do not convert from your wrong ways, then your words and prayers are in vain, because there is no use in praying if it’s not accompanied by actions in pursuit of this objective. Is that clear?

Today we will talk about assistants who isolate themselves and what the reasons are for this type of behavior:

She believes she is better than everyone else
She believes that only she is spiritual
If she has a responsibility, she thinks she has the right to impose a distance between her and the other assistants
She is uncompromising and wants to give orders; not realizing that the only right she has is to serve and not to be the “boss”
Because she believes only her ideas are valid
Because she does not want to submit to any authority
Because she has something to hide- is hiding a sin or she has many personal plans and doesn’t want to give up her time to invest in the Work of God

Perhaps upon reading this article you are thinking of someone you know and think this person needs to read this article. You think to yourself: “That person is just like this!” Be careful! This thought is unclean, because everything that is written here is for you and me, so that we can be alert at all times in our position as servants of God.

Remember: ” Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” (I Corinthians 10:12)

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  1. I have realized that one thing on this list pretains to me. I know that I need to revert in order to change. I know that my prayers will be in vain if I am not trying to transform. I must be willing to get rid of my wrongdoing.

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  2. i found myself doing endless prayers about transformation while i refused to take action towards that transformation, i was going in circles spiritually.

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