Assistant: Assistant in danger!

Viviane Freitas

  • 9
  • Oct
  • 2014

Assistant : Assistant in danger!

  • 9
  • Oct
  • 2014

There are signs that reveal when our spiritual life is in danger.

There are signs notifying us to what extent our interior has been affected, which inevitably reflect in our service to God’s work. So pay close attention. 
Inside of the Church:

They wear their uniform just so no one will say they’re not wearing it
They simply come to fulfill a duty
They do things only to please the Pastor or others
They are the last person to arrive and first to leave
They no longer take pleasure in counseling people
They are no longer interested in helping those who come to the church for the first time

In regards to the service: preaching or prayers 
They don’t pay attention and are always distracted.
What is preached is never for them; they think it’s always for others
They no longer speak or desire to speak to God. 
When they do pray it’s just a repetition of words.

In regards to offering, tithing and sacrificing
They think that because they are assistants they no longer need to pay their tithe or give offerings
To them, sacrifice is no longer necessary because wearing a uniform is already a sacrifice in itself 

In regards to the Holy Spirit
 They seek like they no longer need it; they no longer hunger the Holy Spirit. 
All they want is to obtain a title in the church and to be known as a Godly person.
They seek based on emotions
Today’s article about Assistants is a warning. If you have detected any of these symptoms in your life then know that you are in danger, not because you will no longer be an assistant since there are many who in the eyes of God are no longer assistants, but instead you are in danger of loosing the most precious gift ever received: Your Salvation!! 

Do not hesitate to ask for help. Speak to the Pastor or Pastor’s wife in charge. If you realize that on your own you are unable to find your “way back” then know that we are here to help! 
Feel free to leave your comment or ask for help below. 

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  1. Hello Dona Viviane,thank you for posting this message,it is a warning for us,it is not the title really,but to always be aware first of our salvation,Because if we lose our salvation,how can we save other souls.

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  2. Thank you Mrs Vivian for this message its an eye opening for me to see where I ‘m standing.I need to be vigilant to see my ways.

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  3. Hi Ms.Viviane I have some of the symptoms mentioned above. I need Help!

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  4. I have noticed a few symptoms how do I return to God? HELP

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  5. Hello,

    Thank you ,this is very helpful, I learnt that I have to be very vigilant with my faith espesically with my relationship with God and what to do if I ever detecy any of these symptoms

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  6. This helps me understand that I need to be vigil on what I do and also to analyze myself on how I do things everywhere I go and to really connect with God to maintain in Faith.

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