Assistant and murmuring

Luisa Teixeira

  • 22
  • Oct
  • 2015

Assistant and murmuring

  • 22
  • Oct
  • 2015

Today I come to warn all the assistants about the spirit of murmuring, that stealthily emerges within many. And when I talk about this, it’s because I know how this spirit makes us become blocked and doesn´t allow us to advance spiritually.

Murmuring is a sin.

We have observed that many, that are part of the assistant’s corps, have had this sin, and that’s why it’s necessary to talk about this subject, so that there is fear in this regard.

It’s important be clear on what murmuring is, what its real meaning is in the dictionary.


  1. Say something in a low or indistinct voice; whispering
  2. Produce murmur or whisper;
  3. Express one’s discontent about (someone or something) in a subdued manner;
  4. Speaking ill of someone or something.

You can see that murmuring doesn’t bring anything good … it’s all bad.

So I am asking you to make an introspective examination and observe in depth, if eventually within you there aren’t any murmurings.

When does this murmuring spirit arise?

  • When you do something in the Work of God and everyone takes it for granted, and within you – without anyone seeing –murmur because of the lack of recognition;
  • You secretly complain, talking to yourself, saying, “No one sees what I do, no one appreciates it, etc.”
  • When you think you do everything alone: ​​Clean, organize and even attend all by yourself … and in your interior, without words, you murmur, that no one sees the needs;
  • When someone calls your attention, you even make a face that shows you have accepted, but within you, you speak evil and think it’s an injustice.

These examples are to make it more clear on what the causes of murmuring within God’s Work are. However, they appear in various areas of life. That´s why there is a great need of being aware of ourselves so that we will not jeopardize the greatest “heritage” of our lives—Salvation!

I would love to read your comment about this topic. Had you already noticed the seriousness of this matter?

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17 comentários

  1. Reading this message I realize I murmur a lot, especially speaking to myself, I did not see it in this way, now that I know I need to change from this bad habit which can cost my salvation

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  2. One thing I have learnt is why and who is the one am serving. The first day I set foot in the church was I complaining and murmuring? If I complain does this help me?
    If I can’t serve why don’t I just take of the uniform and sit down. If am not happy about the church the door is open I can just leave. When people are suffering they don’t see all this it’s when you are free you start completely.

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  3. Speaking for myself I have caught and have had on on occasion, had to rebuke myself and these thoughts that pop up because I have learned that the person who is speaking to me, showing me what is right, or what to do is God and if I reject His opinion then I am rejecting Him weather it comes from another worker, the pastor’s wife or pastor I must be open to hear Him and to recognize when I need to change and not look at it myself but Him only. thank you for this message!

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  4. Hi Mrs Luisa
    Truly speaking I was not aware of what murmuring does to ones salvation I thought it was normal but thank You for opening my eyes. I learnt today

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, now looking deep into it, I didn’t think it was too serious or sometimes I do it without even realising it. Wow thank you for revealing this, I am not an assistant but this relates to me in different areas of my life.

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