Animal print – how to use them?

Viviane Freitas

  • 19
  • Mar
  • 2013

Animal print – how to use them?

  • 19
  • Mar
  • 2013

This week we are going to talk about animal print. You’ve probably noticed that it’s very much in style nowadays, but does it look good on anyone? And if it does, on which occasions can it be used?

Here are a few tips for those of you who like and maybe even use it, but also for those ladies who need a little modernizing.

Here we go:

1. If you’ve never used clothing that have animal print, start slowly. For many women, wearing this type of pattern is a new and bold experience. Try starting off by using an animal print blouse. It looks good with any kind of black trousers or jeans and heels. Then move on to something more.

2. Don’t mix the animals together! Zebra, giraffe, jaguar … They will end up fighting against your style. It’ll also be difficult to match them and your “look” will seem too overloaded.

3. Don’t cover yourself from head to toe in it. When using several bits of your wardrobe to assemble your “look” match the animal print with plain colors. The plain color must match the pattern of the animal.

4. Neutral colors match any animal pattern. Black, white, nude colors (such as chocolate brown and beige) all get along with the animals.

5. Use animal print accessories as small details. Bags, bracelets, shoes, belts, scarves … For example, build an all black “look” with small details in animal print. It looks great.

6. If in doubt whether you are overloading your look or not, take off anything extra and follow option number three. Elegance is achieved in not overloading your look.

7. Everything must be in harmony. Clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories should all be in harmony wth the animal print you chose. The small details make all the difference.

8. Listen to your common sense. Remember, you should never look like a zoo! Use animal prints the right way and discreetly. Zebra, giraffe, jaguar, leopard…They are all beautiful. Prints inspired by animal skins are classic and are “in” at the moment. Women of all ages adopt this style, that has become popular, to coincide with different looks, from the basic to the more glamorous.

Although they are “in”, animal print is flashy and should be used carefully. It should always be used in moderation, try choosing to use only one item at a time.

For example: a monochromatic look and a scarf, or a blouse underneath a jacket, as this kind of look, if exaggerated, can look “over the top” and even a little too sensual.

Animal dyes in which there are overtones can be more discreet than using the original colors of the animal skin. A leopard pattern that mixes black and shades of gray or a material of a certain color that has a repeating pattern (a green cloth with dark green snake print) are also good examples.

Another tip is to opt for smaller pieces, therefore looking more discreet.

Animal prints should be avoided on professional occasions: offices, business meetings…unless the pattern is small and in softer colors , and not easily seen as to not draw attention. If you’re going to have a normal work day, with no important meetings, avoid it in any case. Opt for a more formal look, everything depends on what you choose.

I hope you enjoyed the tips this week, please post your questions.



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