An assistant that stole from God!

Viviane Freitas

  • 11
  • Jul
  • 2013

An assistant that stole from God!

  • 11
  • Jul
  • 2013

A few days ago I was counseling an Assistant, who was telling me about the struggles she was facing at every level.

She told me she had gone through very difficult times in which almost led her to give up her faith.

She also stated humbly that she even put her salvation at risk because of all the struggles. She couldn’t understand why while supposedly serving God she was living this inferno.

Her voice choked, her eyes filled with tears and with an embarrassed look on her face she confessed that she was distant from God and was serving Him indolently. Her life was all tied up, her time was consumed by her daily chores, couldn’t do anything else and never had time to put on her uniform.

Our conversation was very productive, it lasted about two hours. I asked her if she was reading the Word of God and when was the last time she read it, she promptly replied that she had read it that morning. I questioned her again, “What did God speak to you? Tell me the spirit of what you have read.” Immediately, she told me:

“It was very strong, God showed me a word that for years I have read so many times, but I never saw it in this way before:
“Will a man rob God? 
Yet you have robbed Me! 
But you say, 
‘In what way have we robbed You?’
In tithes and offerings.
“(Malachi 3:8)

When I was meditating on it I kept thinking: But I don’t steal, I’m a faithful tither and give my offering. What does God wants to speak to me in this passage? That’s when God showed me clearly that I, in fact, was robbing Him when I failed to take the time to serve with excellence, commitment and dedication. I made time for everything and everyone but not to dedicate myself to His Work. ”

When she said that I showed her that there laid the root of her problem, the reason why your life did not go forward. Although, I understand that she has many responsibilities to take care of, but she was not making time for God. Therefore, she was “stealing” time from the Owner of time!

When is it that I steal time from God?

– When I spend time on things that don’t bring me any Spiritual benefit, with my desires, distractions, vanities, and when I give in to my own interests.

My dear Assistants, the time we dedicate to Him, the investment we make on the altar is what makes us the perfect tithe and offering.

After our conversation the assistant left with her eyes opened and even I benefited from it, God also spoke to me. It made me examine where I have invested my time in.

Assistants, where have you invested your time in?

Leave your sincere comments and tell me: Have you ever seen this passage in this way? Have you analyzed it in this way?

Who ever never stole from God, cast the first stone!

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  1. I have been serving God close to 6 years I’ve never viewed or understood this message in this way ,it’s eye opening ,thank you so much

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