Admiration that captures your attention

Viviane Freitas

  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2015

Admiration that captures your attention

  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2015

Have you ever seen something that captivated your attention and at the same time admired?

And what did you do with that admiration?

“You took it home.”

What do you mean? That admiration followed your thoughts and certainly “spoke” something to you for you to act and do.

And that scene, or action, remained in your memory. Time can pass, but it remains … because it showed something to you that gave you a life lesson.

And that’s how it is with me. I take scenes, attitudes of people I admire and they stay reserved in my memory as something I have to reach or that I just enjoy.

And all things that are not part of our life and of our daily lives are the things that draw our attention.

I already gave you an introduction to what happens when something catches my attention… Now imagine when it’s a person.

And in this article “My Taste”, today, I want to bring to awareness someone who called my attention and taught me what God wants to find in us.


Joselaine Ribeiro is a pastor’s wife who, when I came here to Portugal, was spiritually weak. She was bound for hell without even knowing it.

And while she was participating in the meetings of  the pastors’ wives in Portugal, she came to realize this sad reality. She had a “best friend” who understood her dramas and supported her…

Normally, Joselaine sat in the last chairs during the meetings because she knew that the meeting “reproached” and put her against the “wall” to act in accordance with the Word of God and the faith that she said she had.

But there came a time, not too long ago (it was right at the beginning of when I came here to Portugal), that she recognized all the rot that was contaminating her faith. And when she was talking with her other girlfriend about her personal discovery, she was also trying to help her friend who was also bound for hell, but the friend did not understand.

This friendship was carnal. She spoke ill of others. They were always the “victims” and etc. …

Joselaine began to take radical steps for her faith. She left that friendship; she was “alone”, and at the same time she was also wanting to approach me.

I saw, and I even remember that day, in which we were on a tour with all the wives situated in Lisbon, in a water park, and she approached me in a different way than all the others who came to me.

I do not know what, but something caught my attention that first time I saw Joselaine.

After a while, she came to tell me about the path of faith that she was taking. She told me the state she was in, etc. …

Since then, Joselaine has developed her salvation. She began to overcome her problems while she was discovering them.

Today I can say that she is a wife who discovered the secret of always being attentive to her own faith.

I have no concern about the way she is now, because she discovered the secret of victory.

Forgive me if the text is a little long but I have to talk about my admiration for Joselaine, as well as all wives who left their “pride” aside and have been developing.

Now for the part that I would like to draw your attention, cybernaut friends, is as follows:

With so many people around you at the service, who hear the same words you hear… what has been your reaction to all of it: Consciousness or Fruits dignified of repentance?

If you produce fruits worthy of repentance then your light will shine wherever you are: family, work, with colleagues, and even with people who are too far away will see your light.

Joselaine’s case caught my attention because while the Word of God was burning in her being, she made herself chosen because she recognized and accepted to obey the voice of God. And she was alone.

I did not know in what state she was in.
I was not accompanying her to know what she was going through.
But she, by herself, accepted the Word of God. That is, she accepted Jesus.
She accepted the Light. And denied the darkness that hid her plight.

I appreciate when someone recognizes this and has fruits worthy of repentance that lasts for life.

And if you are a person who only speaks of what happened in the past, of what you went through, then you didn’t understand what was written.

Because what is admirable is to recognize your spiritual state and take it before God and before man. This produces fruit not only for that year but continues to produce in the following years. Always adding something new.

I admire all those who receive my Father, the Lord Jesus.

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6 comentários

  1. Thanks for the message Mrs Vivi, it is indeed eye opening, what caught my attention to look inside myself & look if am really obedient to God.

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  2. Thanks Mrs Viviane, this article really touched me. It’s amazing. For me I used to think you can only admire a person for what they are good at, how strong they are, intelligence and how good they take care of their body. But today I got a different image, many times I find myself see other people who I could have Spoke to even one word could have helped them but i intend to say, maybe the pastor’s wife will help or maybe It’s how they want their life’s to be. I have been wrong about everything. I appreciate for this article, I really learned alot.

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  3. Thank you Mrs.Viviane this article really related of what Ive had this past few weeks .
    As i have the opportunity to be in the US i was too amaze by the beauty of the new environment and as days passing by observing myself how I admired its natures ,the peoples and the way of living there,, it teally captured my attention and dream of it that i really wanted to be in the near future and its not wrong to dream of it but one thing I realized was that, I shouldnt give much attention to the beauty that was temporarily infront of me as God spoken to me while on this trip that theres no other beauty nor important to gave much attention than to be in His presents for this will last eternally.

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  4. It is to admire all those who receive my father, the Lord Jesus who recognise your spiritual state and take it before man and God.

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  5. Amen Mrs. A very strong testimony. I agree there is nothing more beautiful than the spirit of humbleness. We will never go down in our faith when we are humble at the opposite, we will be forever learning and growing in the faith. Above all we keep out salvation. Kisses. 🙂

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  6. Thank you Mrs Viviane for the message,really worth reading and an eye opener 🙂

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