10th Day: “I can’t stand anymore difficulties”

Viviane Freitas

  • 29
  • Sep
  • 2015

10th Day : “I can’t stand anymore difficulties”

  • 29
  • Sep
  • 2015

Hello to all cybernauts!

Today, you find yourself with many difficulties and you can’t stand it anymore… It is with you, especially, who I want to address!

Open your Bible to the book Numbers, chapter 32, verse 7. Pay very close attention:

“Now why will you discourage the heart of the children of Israel from going over into the land which the Lord has given them? Thus your fathers did when I sent them away from Kadesh Barnea to see the land. For when they went up to the Vally of Eschol and saw the land, they discouraged the heart of the children of Israel, so that they did not of into the land which the Lords had given them.”
(Numbers 32: 7-9)

My cybernaut friend, maybe you are discouraged and you say: “Oh Viviane… Everyday you speak of something that I need to change; I have problems inside my home, financial problems, I am facing a real battle! I don’t even accept myself… And even more so, I keep hearing that the problem is inside of me. I can’t hear it anymore that I have a problem and that I don’t know how to resolve it… I know there exists intelligent faith and that there exists emotions, but I cannot take those “things” from inside of me! What do I have to do?!”

Pay very close attention!

When you look to  your impossible case, to your difficulties, to your defects and mistakes, you are not going to look at that which you want to achieve! You are looking directly at the problem! And every time we do that, we are not looking at the solution… The solution is when we use our intelligence, and intelligent faith says the following: “I have this problem, I want to receive the Holy Spirit but I am full of errors… But that does not signify that the Holy Spirit will not come to me. Now I have a reason for Him to come, because now I have a reason to empty myself.”

The problem is when you look at the circumstances and say: “I don’t know how to speak to God! I don’t know have the words to speak to Him…”

I am going to tell you the following: Maybe you are married, or single, however you find yourself… When you get upset, who are you upset at? You reveal who you are to whom? To that someone who you are more close to. For example: your mother, your father, your brother or sister, your husband or your friend.. With them you show who you really are, without any fear of being judged or not, because it is what is inside of you and you “take everything out”!

It is the same way when you search and speak to God! I can prove that, through the diary that I have on the Blog, and if you read it, there are moments where I am asking for mercy, help… and there are moments where I “charge” God! But what am I “charging”?

Participate here on the blog, and tell me how and why I am daring with God; do you know why? Because there exists belief! He makes me who I am! He makes be sincere, obedient; He makes me believe and accept His Words.

How am I going to believe in a God so great and live a miserable life? Miserable, how? Feeling “things” that make me miserable!

I have already stated here on the Blog that I went before God and I told Him, “Look God, I know who the Holy Spirit is, and I know who you are my Lord! But in the moment I am hearing about the Campaign of Israel, of faith, of courage, of an intelligent faith… But I don’t have a courageous faith, I am just feeling, feeling, and feeling… I don’t want to feel like this anymore!! Darn it! I know who You are Lord, but I cannot seem to take away this agony that is inside of me, that is inside of my chest! This pain if making me feel like a victim, and I don’t accept this! NO! Your Spirit is not a spirit of being a victim, of feeling like a “poor thing,” inferior to all. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!”

I was speaking to God, and I was being sincere with Him. And do you know what sometimes happens? You discourage others with your lack of sincerity, and you lack of giving everything to God! Don’t tell me, don’t tell anyone else that you don’t have words to express to God! You don’t have any words? Then you are not being “original” with God! Be “original” and stop discouraging others! Because the Holy Spirit was already promised! But if you insist in with doubt, in looking back… then you won’t sacrifice and you will not put all your energy and strength in receiving the Holy Spirit.

Cybernaut, for the love of God! Have compassion on your soul! You have to defend your life! I had to defend my life, and how? I did not go and fight with anyone… no! I was not arguing with God! I was defending what I believed in! Just like you have to do so! Do you believe in this God who is wonderful and great? So, where are your actions? Where are your attitudes?

God is waiting for you! He wants more than you to give His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, that liberates, of power, to you! But you are always showing your weaknesses, or, you are always feeling like a “nobody”…

If God values you, who are you to say or think otherwise? Okay, yes, you have your limitations and your erros, but He bought you! Go before all that He has done for you, and use your authority to receive that which He has promised you!

It is your turn! This Fast isn’t a joke! Stop saying negative things and be daring! When you act it is because you believe, and that it why you fight for your rights. Isn’t that true? When someone steals from the bank, or the pharmacy, or the market, when they steal your coins, you fight of your rights by saying: “Hey, I bought that!” And how do you say it? With fear? No, with conviction!

When you believe in your rights, you demand them!

It is time to take back your position, to place the devil “beneath your feet”! Because you weren’t called to stay “under the clutches” of the devil! You have to be “above” him! You have to dominate and not your life be dominated by problems. Who has to dominate your life is the Holy Spirit! Give yourself completely!

Starting today, you are going to act differently!

Leave your comment below.
I want to know, are you going to say who you really are?
Don’t be “fresh” trying to “bury your head under the sand” about your reality; say it all here!
Write your name, the city, and your comment below.

A big hug to you all. Until tomorrow!

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33 comentários

  1. Thank you Mrs for sharing this message it is a faith awaking message indeed..reading this message I realized that ,nothing can put me down if I believe in a Great God,not even the devil!this message speaks to me loud that I have to stand my ground stand firm in what I believe in my lord Jesus.

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  2. True we shouldn’t be dominated by the devil but rather dominate him under our feet for sure our Father is a faithful God who gives according to our needs. We must be faithful and trust in him alone
    Damalie Nakasi UCKG Uganda

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  3. I refuse to be dorminated by my problems but rather by the Spirit of God. From today I will a different life.
    Thanks Vivianne stay blessed.
    Damalie Nakasi

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